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The Earthquake Brings Turkish and Greek Peoples Closer to Each Other

The Earthquake Brings Turkish and Greek Peoples Closer to Each Other

The Earthquake Brings Turkish and Greek Peoples Closer to Each Other

Osman Başıbüyük, 17 February 2023 / Doha

We are in great pain because of the earthquake that happened in Malatya on the 6th of February. We are all still in shock. Everyone presents their own opinions in good faith. Still, we should be careful not to cause misunderstandings.

Greek people started aid campaigns to share the pain of the earthquake, and at the same time, rumors fueling Greek hostility began to circulate in Turkey saying that Greece may take advantage of our difficult situation and can attack us. Starting such a discussion about a possible war with Greece at such a time does not make much sense to me.

It is said that hostility towards the Turkish is taught to Greek people in their schools. Although I did not get such an impression during my short stay in Greece, let’s assume such hostility exists. The people of Greece have started aid campaigns due to the earthquake. Is this a bad thing? Feelings of amity have begun to sprout in the hearts of the Greek. How nice, isn’t it?

Perhaps for the first time in history, we heard nice sentences that would bring the people of Turkey and Greece closer from the mouth of a Greek politician. Turkish hostility is normally a kind of political tool for them. However, this time, during his Hatay visit, the Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said, “We should not wait for another earthquake to fix our relationship.”.

The Turks have the following custom: Just as on religious days, offended people they make peace at funerals when they lose their loved ones. So, let’s let this rapprochement between two nations continue. This is very important. No propagator and instigator can make two nations who do not want to fight, fight each other.

Agitation is done to prepare nations for wars. The materials of this conspiracy game are nationalism and religious feelings. If the two nations are to be dragged into war, these feelings are constantly manipulated. Yes, we must be alert to possible dangers, but why do it in a way that fuels Greek hostility? To whom is it useful for? On the contrary, shouldn’t it be necessary to use the emotions that bloom for peace in a positive way?


I am not saying that we should forget about our existing problems with Greece. Of course, we will never accept impositions and we will not stop defending our rights. However, the political struggle shall be continued by politicians ceaselessly. In addition, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) should always be, and is already ready against for any sorts of aggression and attack.

I spent 21 years of my life as a fighter-bomber pilot. During my active duty, I was always one of the first pilots to hit Greek targets in a possible war, which meant that I was one of the first to die or to have them killed. We all knew our targets by heart. Don’t worry, we still have young bold men in our armed forces who will carry out such a task by heart without hesitation. However, ordinary people should not be involved in this. This task belongs to the state officials and the TAF. Our duty is to prevent confusion regarding the conspiracy plans of the Global Cult and the emotions of the society.

The Global Cult is constantly fueling the Turkish-Greek war today. They want the two states to devastate each other. The way to foil this evil plan is to awaken the peoples, not to provoke them. From all of the wars since the 1815 Battle of Waterloo, everyone, including the victorious states, has lost a lot and suffered. The only winner of any war is always the Global Cult.

War creates a terrible debt burden and destruction also for the victorious states. For example, before the start of World War I, Britain’s national debt in 1914 was £650 million. At the end of the war in 1919, the amount of debt rose to £7.40 billion. Moreover, the empire on which the sun had never set was destroyed and had struck their flag to the USA.

The debt of the government is the debt of the public. It is always the citizens who pay the debts of the state. Regardless of the winner or the loser of the war, peoples come out of every war indebted. Losing for them is inevitable. Their tax burden as well as the cost of their living increases. To compensate they work harder and become further enslaved. On top it, they shed blood in the war and buried their children in the ground. In this environment where everyone has become so weak, the Global Cult is easily able to appropriate property. How? Let me explain with an example.

At the center of the problems between Greece and Turkey today, lies the sharing of the Eastern Mediterranean energy resources. In order for Global Cult to appropriate these resources, the two states must fight. The Global Cult could care less about who ends up with victory. At the end of the war, the victorious state will also be in debt up to its throat. In this case, the state has to ask for loans from the Global Cult and therefore will obey its orders. It is not possible for politicians who want to protect their seats to resist this situation. If one of them resists, he will be overturned and the replacement will be brought to his knees enabling the Global Cult to appropriate property regardless. They have been replaying the same scenario for centuries, we still haven’t woken up!

Let the Greek people share with us the pain caused by the earthquake. Maybe the seeds of friendship, peace, and reconciliation will bloom. Articles that exceed warnings and have the purpose of provocation serve Global Cult, not the rights of the people. It is necessary to keep these sprouts alive, not to dry them.

And we warn our Greek friends not to act in accordance with the minds of others and in the meantime escalate the tension during this time. We must be vigilant, brothers.

Note: Those who want to examine the subject in more detail can read my article titled “Let Our Prime Minister Be Greek”


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