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Building the new world order: Warning to the people

Building the new world order: Warning to the people

Building the new world order:
Warning to the people


Osman Başıbüyük, Sun Savunma Net, 19 May 2021


The most popular topic in the upcoming days will be “The Great Reset”. What is the great reset? Lots of definitions could be made. We can define the Great Reset in simple terms: a great change in the international monetary system. Yes, the system in which dollar is the reserve currency is collapsing. The ones who control the monetary system, are imposing a new system in place of the one collapsing, which will be once again in their own control. To be able to foresee what the future holds, we need to know what has happened in the past.


The Gold Standard


Until 1914, the gold standard was in use globally. Every country’s currency was fixed to a certain amount of gold. It was possible to convert a countries currency to gold. Countries who wished to engage in trade, had to keep gold in their treasuries equivalent to the money they were printing.


For example, given two countries engaging in trade, when one country sold more to the other, the country with the foreign trade deficit had to transfer an equivalent amount of gold. For this reason, countries who had trade deficits, continuously experienced money shortage. The money shortage led to prices falling even further. Simultaneously, in countries with a trade surplus, because there was too much gold circulating in the market, prices were rising. This led merchants to invest in cheaper countries to make use of the lower prices. Thus, a kind of balance was achieved in the market.


It was not possible to control the amount of money in the market, as it was not possible to control the supply of gold, which is a very limited metal in production. Since the amount of money in the market could not be reduced or increased by various manipulations, it was not possible to keep the economy in balance in crisis situations such as epidemics, wars and natural disasters, and there were constant bankruptcies.


At that time, big bankers were acting as central banks and were lending to states. However, regardless of this situation, the gold-based monetary system was completely under the control of the states. It was out of the question for the great bankers to control states, however the amount of influence they had in world politics would be determined by the amount of gold reserves they held in their hands.


Before the war, some of the world’s great bankers had immigrated to America from Europe. However, at the time the USA did not hold any significant influence in world politics. The age was the age of empires. Britain, Germany, France, Austria-Hungary, Tsarist Russia and the Ottoman Empire were all empires. Given that they owned a monopoly of both political, religious and military power, it was not possible to direct emperors, kings or sultans, with only a limited amount of economic power.


There was no king present in the USA. The absence of a king taught the great bankers who migrated to this new world something new: it was impossible to buy off kings and sultans, but in democracies it was possible to buy off a deputy, a minister or even a prime minister. Especially if they were a little bit fond of money, being rich and got involved in corruption, things could go much easier. The fear of falling from power, the necessity to win the next election, and the need for money to win next election made elected politicians controllable. The republican regime and democracy were more favorable governmental systems for ultra-rich who controls huge capital.  Empires had to be ended, and small countries ruled by the Republic had to be created out of empires torn apart by nationalist currents. Of course, while doing all of this, the international monetary system had to also be changed and a new monetary system in which the global capital would be more effective had to be established.


Transition to the cash system


As World War I approached, there was a serious ongoing economic crisis in the world. In 1907, the churn of Wall Street had created great panic, causing everyone to want to storm the banks and withdraw their money. The banks were all private, they were collecting money from the deposits of the public and distributing these deposits as loans to investors or lending them to the government. Banks were able to distribute much more credit and loans than deposited in this system called “bank deposits”. In this respect, when people wanted to withdraw their money in panic, it was not possible for banks to meet the amount of money people requested. Because money had a gold equivalent, it was not possible to generate extra money.


Finance giant J.P. Morgan did his best to save the sinking banks, but his economic strength was insufficient. In order not to experience similar crises again, J.P. Morgan imposed the central bank idea that he had been thinking for a long time on the Federal Government. Eventually, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913, authorizing 12 Federal Reserve banks to issue money to ensure economic stability. There was now a flexible monetary policy. In a crisis to be experienced, when the public attacked the banks in panic, the green bills (dollar) would be printed and given to the citizens, thus preventing the bankruptcy of big banks. The wealth of the ultra-rich had to always be secure.


The New York Reserve Bank, the largest of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks, was in key position. The Federal Reserve Board, at the top of all Federal Central Banks, were determining the monetary policy. This whole system was called the Federal Reserve (FED). The FED first minted a new currency in 1914, called the Federal Reserve Note. Thus, the “dollar” was born. This green bill was not backed up by gold. There was only a government guarantee behind it. The value on the bill was guaranteed to be paid by the American State. The government had given the FED the power to issue money, but this institution was not under the control of the US Government. Thus, 8 families holding their shares in the Central Bank had gained the power of creating money.


When this green dollar bill was first printed, it had no value outside of the United States. At that time, the US economy had surpassed the British economy as the greatest economy in the world. However, Britain was still at the center of world trade. The British pound was still fixed to and backed up by gold and many countries were engaging in trade in British pounds. World War I was going to change this order. When the war broke out, many countries had to abandon the gold standard to pay their military expenses in cash. At the end of the war, European economies had collapsed, empires were fragmented, republic-ruled nation-states had emerged. The gold standard had to be abandoned. The strongest currency was the dollar, the currency of the US, which hadn’t experienced war on its territory. The great bankers had succeeded in establishing the world order they wanted.


The Bretton Woods System


The dollar’s reign did not last long. The inability of the FED to manage the money supply and printing excessive dollars caused the “Depression of 1929”. The depression had hit the whole world. Especially in industrialized cities, the streets were full of an army of unemployed and homeless. Agricultural production had fell, and food was difficult to access. There was a 42% decrease in the production of goods and services worldwide, and world trade had decreased by 65%. There was only one way out of this deep economic crisis; war. The war would automatically abolish unemployment, some of the unemployed population would die, and the stalled factories would start working again to produce weapons. A new monetary system and a new world order would be built from the destruction caused by the war. In the meantime, the great bankers would also be earning a whole lot of money.


World War II had destroyed all warring countries, except the United States, which did not see war on its territory. The need for reconstruction in these countries meant the growth of economies. A system that would control both economic growth and the world had to be established. The victorious states after the war sat at the bargaining table for establishing the new world order. The United States, by dropping atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, sat at the table with a terrifying show of force, dictating the new world order to everyone. State representatives were sitting on bargaining table, but behind them all was the Global Capital, or in other words, “Stateless Money”. Stateless Money has no nationality, no party line, (no religious) morality and owes nothing to anybody except its owners and shareholders. The United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the first core of World Trade Organization, GATT, was established. The US dollar was agreed to be made a world reserve currency with the agreement signed at the UN monetary and finance conference, gathered in Bretton Woods, a small town in the US state of New Hampshire. Trade in the world would now be conducted in American dollars. The dollar had its gold equivalent. For $ 35, 1 ounce of gold (31,03 g) could be purchased. The dollar was again the strongest currency in the world. Therefore, the families that retained the authority to print the dollar were back on their thrones again.


Transition to the petro-dollar system


This order also did not last long. After being destroyed in war, Europe gradually recovered, started production again and rejoined the negotiation for the market. After a while, European countries, which were raising money by selling goods to the whole world, were saying “take your green dollar bills and give our gold back” to the USA. The FED did not have enough gold stocks to meet the demand of European countries. US President Richard M. Nixon announced to the world in 1971 that the dollar did not have an equivalent to gold. The Bretton Woods deal had collapsed. The dollar began to depreciate rapidly. With the weakening of the dollar, Stateless Money (Global Capital), which held the power to create and print the dollar, was also weakening. The 8 families were losing their control of the world. The rapidly depreciating dollar had to be saved.


In this period when nuclear weapons were becoming widespread, another world war could be the end of the world. A war of smaller scale was required to bring the new monetary system to life. The solution was found by the US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. In 1973, the Yom Kippur war took place. The Arabs attacked Israel on their holy holiday. It was the USA that encouraged the Arabs to attack, who set up the bench behind the scenes.


Stateless Money (Global Capital), as always, had used coreligionists as bait for the Jews. Although the war initially developed in favor of the Arabs, it ended in Israel’s victory after the intervention of the US. The Arabs suffered a shameful defeat. Upon this, the Union of Petroleum Producing Countries (OPEC), led by Saudi Arabia, started to impose an oil embargo on Western countries. With the embargo, the oil prices suddenly rose by 400%. Meanwhile, the USA and Saudi Arabia had signed a secret agreement behind the scenes. The kingdoms established by colonialists in the Middle East were collapsing one by one. The US would guarantee the rulership of the Saudi Royal family in return for the Saudis conducting sales of oil only in dollar currency. Many countries in the world needed oil imports. For oil imports, they now had to keep 4 times the amount of dollars in their central banks than before. The fact that oil was now sold in dollars had increased the need and hence demand for dollars. Thus, the petro-dollar monetary system was born.


The petro-dollar system is collapsing


The petro-dollar monetary system operated smoothly for a long time in terms of global capital. When the Federal Government needed money, it gave the bill of debt to the FED, and the FED printed the required amount money and put it back in the US President’s pocket. With this method, the US debt had reached 10 trillion dollars in 2008. However, the unrequited dollar was not creating a problem. The reason for this was because exercise money were distributing as credit to world then foreign investors were buying US Treasury bills, which they thought of as a safe haven, and therefore the dollars driven in the market were absorbed and returned to the US, so that the value of the dollar was still protected. However, the bankruptcy of the largest investment bank Lehman Brothers with the real estate crisis in 2008 had triggered a similar crisis to the 1907 crisis.


The failing financial institutions needed money to be saved. The FED started to constantly printing money. But this monetary expansion had no end. Stateless Money had to find a new method to withdraw the unrequited dollars it had put into the market. In 2009, someone using the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin, a new investment tool produced with blockchain technology. Initially, Bitcoin was unable to withdraw a significant amount of dollar from the market. After 2013, new cryptocurrencies were added next to Bitcoin, whose value had begun to increase. However, the desired results still could not be achieved and sufficient dollars could not be withdrawn from the market. While many countries, especially EU countries and Russia, were looking for a way to trade with their own currencies other than the dollar, China had begun to make plans to switch to the Yuan fixed on gold. These developments panicked Stateless Money and encouraged it to establish a new system.


Let’s try to guess the possible scenario


It is possible to guess what will happen through what happened in the past. The World Economic Forum organized a pandemic drill called “Event 1” in New York on October 18, 2019, in partnership with the Bill-Melinda Gates Foundation and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Safety. The drill discussed the possible economic and social consequences of a worldwide epidemic. Shortly after the drill, the world met the COVID-19 virus. There are very strong claims that the virus is human-made. The World Health Organization declared a global epidemic on March 11, 2020. Remember, it had been explained above that a war had to take place in order to transition into a new monetary system. War causes death and economic collapse. Everything had to be demolished so that a new system is installed. Isn’t COVID-19 as effective?


People are dying. Countries are closing their borders in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic. People are imprisoned at their own home. Production has stopped in many sectors. Shops are closed, shopping isn’t allowed except food. People living on daily incomes are in very difficult situations. The tax revenue of the states has decreased significantly. However, on the other hand, the state is obliged to help its citizens. Where will the state get the money from? The states are borrowing. Where from? Of course, from the Global Capital. They are selling their assets for money as if it is nothing. To whom?  Of course, to Global Capital. But the money obtained is still insufficient. For this reason, they print money. The monetary expansion causes national currencies to depreciate. Citizens who want to preserve their savings are confused and do not know what to do. They do not have any trust in national currencies. On the other hand, the dollar is also no longer a safe haven. It is also risky to buy gold or silver through banks. The stability of banks is also a big question. It is very difficult to hide physical gold or silver. At this point of overwhelming panic, some other option is put in front of people: Crypto currency.


Crypto money, which are currently demonstrated as the safest investment tool, with the perception created are being presented to the world public opinion as the currency of the future. On the one hand, those who weaken the dollar by printing dollars, are imposing crypto money.


I am not quite sure whether Stateless Money aims to make crypto currencies the currency of the future. Even if they aimed to make it as such, crypto currencies will likely not be the international trade currency of the future. I will explain why that is the case. What the Stateless Money is trying to do is to make one final profiteering as the empire of the dollar collapses and establish the new order with this profiteering.


They pumped up crypto currency so much that, while in the past, 10 thousand Bitcoin was worth only one pizza, now 1 Bitcoin is worth 58 thousand dollars. The rush toward cryptocurrencies has created an incredible capital accumulation. Millions of people all over the world are investing their savings in crypto currencies. The market is said to be worth 3 trillion dollars. In many countries, you cannot directly shop with crypto currencies. Therefore, the equivalent of crypto coins is dollar for now. So as people invest in crypto currencies, dollars are piling up somewhere. With these dollars accumulated, millions of acres of fertile land are purchased all around the world. Gold bullions are stacked in warehouses. Banks and companies that are saved from going bankrupt, by the supply of money printed and provided by the FED, become the property of not the state of America but the families that are shareholders of the FED. In this respect, the capital in the hands of the great bankers who rule the world continues to grow exponentially.


It seems as if the “war effect” generated by COVID-19 was not sufficient of a destruction for Stateless Money to establish the new world order. The epidemic may need to continue for many more years to achieve the desired result. Something else needs to be done to speed up the process, it seems. The solution could be a real war. But this war should be small and territorial like Yom Kippur, however it should still lead to consequences that deeply affect the whole world. It is possible that Ukraine and Russia came back from the brink of war last month. Russia who supplies natural gas to Europe, has a significant part of its pipelines passing through Ukraine. A possible war between the two states could lead to the destruction of the natural gas pipelines. Rising natural gas prices could have further strengthened the war impact of COVID-19. Russia’s extraordinary military strength prevented the possibility of war for now. Something else had to be found.


Cyber-attack on the financial system


The founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, “philanthropist businessman” born in Germany but a Swiss citizen, Klaus Martin Schwab, shouted at the top of his voice last year: “We all know, but still pay insufficient attention, to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack could bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole. The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyberattack.”


Interestingly, similar to the global epidemic drill, a group led by the World Economic Forum, this time on July 9 is going to conduct a drill under the name of “Cyber Polygon” to discuss, how a comprehensive cyber-attack would affect supply chains and the financial system in a world where everything is connected with computers and technology. Just as COVID-19 has emerged after the global pandemic simulation, the world will encounter cyberattacks after the global cyber-attack simulation. You can be sure of that. The responsible countries will of course be Russia or China!


Well, let’s assume that electricity is cut off in several countries at the same time. How would the banking system and stock markets be affected? After 3 days, 1 week or 10 days, when the electricity grid is restored, will it be possible to access the money, bills and bonds registered electronically in the financial system? Or will some of them not be accessible due to data loss or after how many months will these data be accessible? What kind of chaos would the system cause if the system fails to work even for 1 week? Just imagine!


For example, banks and stock exchanges may crash. In fact, intermediaries like Binance which are giant crypto currency asset exchanges market can also go bankrupt. However, those who invest in cryptocurrencies and keep these assets in “cold wallets” will eventually reach their money after a while. The reason is because crypto coins produced with blockchain technology will not be lost due to being copied on tens of thousands of computers. Don’t the people who produced this blockchain technology argue that centralized structures cannot be trusted anymore and that the transition to a decentralized distributed ledger system is required? In other words, according to them, banks and exchanges store their data at a single storage point. These data are also subject to the control of the state. In blockchain technology, all data is copied on tens of thousands of computers. Therefore, it is impossible for the data to get lost. In the light of this information, we can say that those who want to establish a new world order will expose us to mass power outages and cyber-attacks in the upcoming months.


Can crypto assets be a mean of exchange?


In order for a commodity, for example the crypto currency, to be considered as a means of exchange, two things must happen: 1) States must pay salaries and collect taxes with cryptocurrencies. 2) It must be possible to shop with crypto currencies. It is again the states that will allow for this exchange. As clarified, the states have the power to dominate the money. The primary purpose of blockchain technology is to ultimately destroy the state. Given this is the case, it can be seen that there will be a serious conflict between the Stateless Money, imposing the blockchain technology, and the state in the upcoming years. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this topic because it is very important.


It is claimed that cryptocurrencies produced with blockchain technology are decentralized and these decentralized currencies are a freedom movement designed to overthrow the central system, the central banks that robbed the people by issuing money. Is that so? There are currently 193 countries registered with the United Nations (UN). The number of currencies used in the world is almost as much as the number of countries present. In other words, there is a decentralized multipolar structure in the international monetary system in the current situation. However, if a crypto currency which is valid all around the world is created, at that point in time, we will have adopted a centralized structure that is controlled from a single point.


In the current monetary system where hundreds of states are able to issue money, it was very difficult for Stateless Money to control the world economy. They were maintaining the control through the dollar. However, it is about to collapse right now. If Stateless Money succeeds in creating a crypto currency that is valid all around the world, then it will have the power to take control of all humanity. In this case, even if they do not disappear, states that obtain their power from issuing money will lose many of their functions. Stateless Money, which had abolished the absolute monarchy by destroying empires with World War I, today wants to move towards a world state managed from a single center by destroying states and establishing a financial system controlled from a single-point.


We see that the efforts are in this direction. It is obvious that this is intended to be done with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This is because, contrary to what is claimed, blockchain and cryptocurrency systems are designs that can be controlled from a single point instead of being systems which are uncontrollable. Given that crypto systems can be created and developed by a human, analogously it can also be dismantled in the same manner. Let’s put aside this fact and find out what is actually happening.


As mentioned above, an alarming amount of fortune has accumulated in the hands of Stateless Money. Bitcoin had instantly gained 14% value with Elon Musk’s announcement that he bought 1.5 billion dollars’ worth of Bitcoin beginning of this year. What I mean is, Stateless money with the enormous wealth in its hands can use this wealth to rob individuals, companies and governments in-between “Bull and Bear Trap” in the crypto currency market. This is what is happening now. The monetary system, whose value is determined according to the balance of supply and demand, is what is most desired for the Stateless Money, who owns the monopoly of wealth. The rush to crypto currencies is creating a big bubble that is inflating on an exponential rate. At some point, when this bubble bursts and millions of people lose their savings, they will get away by saying “this system was not central”, “nobody controlled the system”. When this happens, all existing crypto currencies will be garbage. The junk ones will be replaced by new ones or a few crypto currencies, but this will be with the approval of governments. Most likely, these coins will be closed to market volatility, price-preserving, and perhaps dependent on the gold standard.


Hunger-stricken citizens will destroy their own states


In addition to COVID-19 and cyberattacks, a stronger pressure tool is also needed in order for the states to consent to this system that will destroy them: It is Hunger.


Cyber-attacks on the electricity grid and the banking system will cause the supply chains to break. In big cities, the food stock in grocery stores is depleted in 3 days. Maybe food will be present in the country, but because money exchange will not be possible and as a simple example because the pumps that put oil in the trucks will be out of work, the goods will not be delivered to the point in need. Chaotic environments bring people to the streets and forces countries to change regimes. The carrot they will put in front of the people will also be the promise of “universal basic income”. The new system to be established will promise to give everyone the bare minimum income in which humans can only sustain their lives, whether they work or not. Thus, Stateless Money will try to establish the order they desire by having people attack their own state.


They want “click democracy” to prevail in the new world order. Instead of the assemblies where deputies work, they will ask the citizens opinions regarding everything. It will be possible to hold a referendum instantly given blockchain technology. They will call this freedom. Now the people will have a direct say in how they are ruled. They had eliminated the kings with the First World War. Now they plan to abolish the parliament because it is easier for them to control the public directly. Social media is under their control. They even deleted former US President Trump from social media. Without opinion leaders, the people cannot find the truth, they may think that what is displayed is the truth. Global Capital no longer wants to be deal with states, but wants to engage individuals directly. How will the isolated individuals fight these people who own such an enormous, terrifying amount of money? The point to be reached will be slavery.


Those agents of influence in black-shirts among us


So, will this plan work? In order for this plan to work, people all over the world must be prepared for this idea. Let’s dive into the subject with an example from the Ottoman Empire. There were many agents of influence present in the Ottoman Empire before World War I, such as, Arminius Vambery, Alexander Israel Helphand and Baron Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorf. These agents of influence had lived in Istanbul for years, had wrote in the most important newspapers, had become friends with and had influenced important politicians, and were thought to work for the benefit of the Ottoman Empire. Over the years it turned out that some of them were British, German or French agents, but there is still a point that is not well understood. Yes, these people spied on countries of which they were citizens, but they were also dual spies; The main center they served was Stateless Money. They were all connected to the Stateless Money at the core with some kind of sectarian ties.


Today, agents of influence are active in all countries, working like a beaver for the new world order. However, the difference is now they are not strangers, they are disguised as the true citizens of that country. Some are academicians, some researchers, some politicians, some perform their duties as artists. The most important platform where these agents interact with the public is social media. Especially YouTube and Twitter are the shooting weapons used by these agents.


Let’s conclude this long article with some tips on how to understand and distinguish these agents:


  • These influence agents yell to Stateless Money, the FED, Central Banks and ultra-rich families. But covertly and constantly they give the message that blockchain technology and crypto currencies will inevitably dominate the world. The reason they yell at the Stateless Money is to hide that the new system to be established is a system that is once again created by them.


  • Influence agents do not believe in the corona virus, they claim that the epidemic is a hoax. Some tweet; “How many of us is there who don’t believe in the pandemic lie?” Some say; “Put me in the intensive care unit loaded with corona patients without a mask.”. They advise citizens not to wear masks in building in close contact with others and to hug each other. They swear at Bill Gates, but try to lead the public to artificial viruses created by those like him. The aim is to spread the virus, so as to further increase the effect of the “war”, to collapse the country’s economies. Yes, we are also against total lockdown, it is possible that the blow to the economy is more damaging than the virus itself. But just as it is stupid to hug a person with a normal cold, what does it mean to advise a person to hug a patient with corona? Wasn’t the state forced to a complete lockdown because there were no empty beds in the intensive care units in big cities? Because of these treacherous recommendations, states suffer economic loss.


  • These agents of influence are brought to all kinds of media channels such as YouTube, television and radio, so as reach the masses. And don’t forget, the agents of Stateless Money are more patriotic than you, me, and anybody else. Because otherwise, it would not be possible to deceive the public without creating this perception.


You should be very careful with these influence agents. If you don’t wake up the world will be ruled by the Stateless Money forever as long as they retain their wealth. Or this time, it will be humanity who “resets” the monetary system and finally ends the slavery.


I was born free, I live to be free, and I refuse to be chained by any…





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