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The 3 Agents of the Global Financial Cult Marx, Engels, Lenin – Part 3

The 3 Agents of the Global Financial Cult Marx, Engels, Lenin – Part 3

The 3 Agents of the Global Financial Cult

Marx, Engels, Lenin

Dispossession from the Past to the Present – Enslavement from the Past to the Present

Part 3 – First step to slavery: the dispossession of the peoples after states


Osman Başıbüyük, Sun Savunma Net, 21 Mayıs 2022


Part 3 – First step to slavery: the dispossession of the peoples after states

Currently, the world economy is largely dominated by the Global Financial Cult. In many countries, the Cult has acquired most of the big companies that keep the economy alive through its descendants, and has tied the remaining ones to itself through financial institutions thanks to credit-debt convictions. This is also a kind of dispossession. Currently countries do not have independent domestic and national capital. The wealthy class in countries are dependent on the Global Financial Cult. Now it’s time to expropriate the people.

The eight predictions, published in 2016 by Klaus Schwab, one of the visible faces of the Cult and the founder of the World Economic Forum, predicts what the world should expect in the 2030s and provides a clue regarding the events that are planned to take place: The predictions convey that we won’t be able to own anything but we will be happy! We won’t even own a house, a car, a phone or even clothes! We will be renting everything! Every single thing we do, our every move will be under surveillance! But we will still be happy![1]

If we will choose to pay rent instead of purchasing goods just for the sake of it being cheaper, who will be the real owner of these goods? Who will we be paying this rent to? Who will be the owners the property? What is going to happen when we are going to be unable to pay rent? In this scenario, since we won’t be able to own any property, we will not be able to leave an inheritance to our children. A man without property is a slave. Slaves had no property, they had to make do with whatever their owners gave. They were not allowed to travel. They were always under surveillance so that they would not riot or attack their owners. The predictions of Klaus Schwab imply that after the Great Reset, we, as regular people won’t own property. Every move we make will be tracked electronically. We will be scored by a social credit system. They will decide what we can and cannot do based on our score. When the system switches to electronic money, they will be able to block all our money by pressing a button whenever they want. They are declaring and announcing that they are planning to make us slaves by shouting at the top of their lungs. What else should they do so that we understand? Should they come and get your signatures?

So far there hasn’t been a strong reaction from people. However, after a while, when people start to wake up it’s no wonder that they will not accept the following course of events.  The key is to make people compelled to do so. This process was started with the Covid period. The the Global Financial Cult will impose slavery on us whether we like it or not. Let’s try to predict how the process works and what may happen in the future.

Hyperinflation will be used as a tool to dispossess people

After the real estate crisis that started in the USA in 2008, many big banks were on the verge of bankruptcy. The crisis soon spread to Europe. The banking and financial system, which the Global Financial Cult called “Too big to fail”, could not be allowed to go bankrupt. The solution imposed by the Global Financial Cult was for states to bail out these bankrupt banks and financial institutions by printing money through their central banks. Indeed, that is what the states have done. Thus, while the financial institutions of the Global Financial Cult were saved, the debt burden was imposed on the people. Thus, the trap of inflation designed by the the Global Financial Cult had been initiated in 2008.

Then came a second attack that would further trigger inflation. The Covid 19 virus was threatening people with death. They frightened people and imprisoned them in their homes. Consequently, production and trade stopped for a significant period of time. The slowdown in production and the cessation of transportation triggered inflation due to shortages of goods. In this process, because the main income of states come from the taxes it receives from production and trade, the income of the states decreased significantly. States with their already reduced incomes also had to help their low-income citizens who were having difficulties due to Covid 19. So where would the government get money from? There are basically two ways to find money: 1) borrowing money, 2) printing money. States used both methods. By borrowing from the Global Financial Cult, they became more doomed to them. More importantly, by printing they further served the inflation trap.

To give a concrete example, the US Federal Reserve (FED) increased the amount of dollars circulating in the world by 2.8 times in the year of 2008. Many states have done the similarly. Such course of actions brought a tremendous wave of inflation at our doorstep. These unrequited coins do not go into the pockets of ordinary citizens. The vast majority are returning to the Global Financial Cult’s financial system. In the meantime, in this abundance of money, as the saying goes “money attracts money”, while the rich get richer, the poor are crushed. Inflation crushes those who work for a fixed income. Salary hikes made by debt-ridden states to their civil servants and workers soon fade away.

Let’s try to explain this trap with an example from history. A Russian Orthodox clergyman, Sergei Aleksnadrovich Nilus, wrote the following lines in the book “Protocols of the Leaders of Zion” published in 1905:

“We will increase workers’ wages, but it will not benefit the workers at all. Because at the same time, we will increase the prices of basic necessities and we will argue that the reason for this is the decline in agriculture and animal husbandry.[2]

The Global Financial Cult wrote these lines 120 years ago! The Protocols of Zion were dismissed by the Jews as a conspiracy theory. However, when you read the protocols, it is astonishing to see how much the events written in the past overlap with what is happening today.

Anyways, back to our topic. One kilogram of tomatoes was 5 TL 3 months ago, a kilogram is 35 TL today. There is tremendous inflation in all basic food products. The price of everything is increasing, not just food. Today, a newly graduated doctor or engineer or even an deputy minister who is the highest paid civil servant cannot afford to buy a 3+1 house in Istanbul with the money he has saved, even if he pays a lifetime mortgage. Now, it has become a dream to buy a car with a fixed income. It’s impossible to keep up with the prices. Do you think all this is a coincidence? They dispossess people by artificially increasing the price of everything with money games. You will no longer own any property. You will rent everything. Every move you make will be under control. But you will be happy! This is the game that is being played.

These terrible price increases, especially in the real estate sector, make even white-collar workers such as doctors, engineers and teachers’ despair. As the middle class disappears, there is an incredible accumulation of anger in the society. But that’s not enough to fully exasperate the public. It is always hunger that puts the ordinary people on the streets and drags them to fight to death while they are in a tug of war with their own state. See what the Protocols of Zion say about it.

“…We will mobilize the masses of people with poverty, and hunger that creates malice and hatred, and we will destroy all the obstacles on our way with the own hands of rudeness…”[3]

Thus, artificial famine must be created for today’s “Great Reset” to be realized.

Vladimir Putin or Lenin 2.0?

About two months ago, Russia attacked Ukraine and a war broke out that shook the world economy from its roots. Let’s leave aside the reasons for why the war broke out. As soon as the war started, energy prices soared. This increase is triggering inflation in basic necessities, especially food. Energy costs affect the price of everything from freight (transport) prices to fertilizer production. Moreover, this war pushed Russia and Ukraine, two countries producing 25% of the world’s grain, out of the market. Again, these two countries were the largest producers of sunflower oil. In Germany, flower oil has already started to be sold as 1 liter per family in the markets. We are at the very beginning of the food crisis. The Russia-Ukraine war is serving the plans of the Global Financial Cult tremendously. Is this a coincidence?

It is clear that the puppet named Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, was appointed by the Global Financial Cult to provoke the war. So, who else is responsible for the war, Vladimir Putin? This issue needs some thought.

The top cadre, consisting of 56 people, such as Vladimir Ulianovich (Lenin), Leon Bronstein Davidovich Trostsky (Trotsky), and Joseph Ignatashvili Chugashvli (Stalin), who carried out the 1917 Bolshevik Coup, were all of Jewish origin.[4] Of the 22 members of the first post-coup communist government, 18 were Jewish. Likewise, only 30 of the 554 people who were the first Communist Party Central Members were Russians. In this committee, there were 2 Poles, 1 Czech, 3 Lithuanians, 3 Finns, 13 Armenians, 2 Georgians, 1 Hungarian and 12 Germans against 447 Jews. In 1918, 10 out of 12 members of the Bolshevik Party Central Committee were Jewish.[5] While having established such a crypto structure in the country is it possible that such a structure would surrender the Russian Federation to the Russians after the collapse of the USSR?

Let me give you one more piece of information before we continue. The video program named “How did Russia fail?” featuring on the youtube channel “GZT”, which acts as the social media of the news, described the failure of the Russian army as follows:

“The Russian army must be weak for the Russian state. It is a deliberate state policy to keep the Russian army weak within the state. The Russian state deliberately keeps its army in this position. It’s all part of a plan. The military is who has the lowest position in Russia so far. The security forces established by the state itself are enough to easily suppress any civil rebellion and guerrillas, but their desire is to not give the army too much power. Because if this is the case the state fears being overthrown. They were very concerned about potential competition and rivalry from the military and hence tried every means to avoid it. One of these methods is to carry out a major clean-up in the army after each military operation. Generals, whose command power is limited by protocols in peacetime, have unlimited authority during war. And of course, the troops are used to unquestioningly obeying this general’s word. After the operations, these generals are cleared one by one by the state. The state’s own security forces fear a possible military revolt. Military cleansing has become their control mechanism. During the war, the generals who are effective on the troops are killed and replaced by less effective ones. The Kremlin is not maximizing efficiency. It minimizes the threat… The military is populated by people who do not dream of a Russian empire and do not share these feelings. Their motivation is very weak. Russia gives all power to the intelligence and internal security police, and that’s where the elites usually come from”.[6]

It is possible to draw the following comment from this analysis. The biggest threat to the minority crypto structure holding power in a country is the army. The army should either be kept under constant control by means of crypto-generals, or it should be kept away from politics and weak by being constantly pruned by legal regulations and purges. As it can be understood from the comment made in the YouTube program above, if the Russian army is to be kept weak with constant liquidations, it means that the crypto structure is still active in Russia. Then it is this crypto structure that dragged Russia into the Ukraine war. At this point, it is clear that Russia has fallen into a trap. So where is Putin in this trap? Vladimir Putin may have been deceived, or he could be a new version of Lenin, he could be Lenin 2.0. Recently, there have been threats from Russia to use nuclear weapons. Using nuclear weapons against Ukraine does not appear to be a military necessity. The use of this weapon would mean the complete loss of the Ukrainian people to Russia and thus the loss of the war. Nuclear weapons only escalate the war and serve the Global Financial Cult’s plans for instability and starvation by terrifying the world and shaking all balances. If Russia uses tactical nuclear weapons in the coming days, we can easily decide that Putin is Lenin 2.0. On the other hand, when the war started, what Putin had to do militarily was to form a center of gravity with all his might and head directly towards Odessa parallel to the Black Sea coast. In this course of action, it would only be a matter of time before Kiev surrenders when Ukraine’s exit to the sea is blocked. At the same time, fewer people on both sides would die, and Odessa would be destroyed, if it was to be destroyed. Whereas, what Putin did was to divide his forces into three and focus more heavily to Kiev, preferring to fight Orthodox Ukrainian Slavs and Orthodox Russian Slavs. The story of Putin as a leader trained by the ‘intelligence’ to rule Russia already creates enough doubt.

China is in the game

At this point, it is necessary to talk a little bit about China. While there is not a single country left in Europe that is still implementing mask measures due to the Covid 19 epidemic, China closed the city of Shanghai, the center of production and finance, within the framework of the “zero covid” policy. The closure of this 26 million-populated metropolis has halted production in factories that host large-scale production facilities in the automotive, semiconductors and electronics fields. The disruption of truck and truck services also caused a bottleneck in Shanghai Port, where more than 50 percent of the container traffic is transferred by land. The effects of the logistical congestion affecting Shanghai and other major production centers in the surrounding Yangzi River Delta are negatively impacting the supply chain worldwide. The shortage of goods experienced due to the disruption of the supply chain is seen as a new move that will trigger the hyperinflation trap set up in the world.

Look what it says in the Protocols of Zion, discovered 120 years ago:

“…Economic crises, which will halt commercial activities and paralyze industry, will further fuel this hatred. With the help of all the secret and illegal methods we know and the gold in our possession, thanks to the economic crises we will create all over the world we will simultaneously bring the working class out onto the streets in all countries of Europe. They will happily shed blood in the foolishness of their ignorance, and will have a chance to plunder everything they have envied since the day they were born…”[7]

The threat of hyperinflation and hunger that we face does not knock on our door as a result of a spontaneous economic crisis. Someone is plotting this crisis. The Global Financial Cult, which monopolizes the power to create money through central banks and financial institutions, is deliberately plotting this crisis to establish a new world order. This is how the Great Depression of 1929 was prepared. Due to hyperinflation, people were condemned to starvation, countries were forced into a debt-ridden moratorium, bankruptcy and forced into World War II. The template is always the same. I don’t think they are planning a world war this time. They are probably planning something similar to the popular uprisings of 1848. However local wars are also possible around the world.

They will dispossess the nation by saying that they are against dispossession

Economist David Harvey, who we can identify as today’s Karl Marx, interpreted Marx’s concept of dispossession in a different way and introduced the concept of “accumulation through dispossession”.

According to Harvey, new capital accumulation is created by selling the profitable resources of the state, from banks to factories, from agricultural lands to mines, to individuals through privatizations. Selling the property of the state to individuals is in a sense dispossessing both the state and the people.

As the state is dispossessed, the ordinary people will become dispossessed as well. Reactions to this trend are inevitable. After a while, the public, provoked by Harvey’s ideas, may get the idea that “no matter how hard I work, if I can’t own property, others shouldn’t own property either.” They are escalating inflation to prepare the people for this idea.

It is necessary to direct the destructive power of the peoples preparing to revolt in the direction of the actual target. At this point, with the privileges of politicians through privatizations, they stigmatize the rich at the expense of the state. The database “Networks of Dispossession” created for the purpose of capital/rulership using the mapping method serves this purpose.[8] With this method, around 700 companies were put on a register in Turkey. Somehow, coincidentally, most of the companies are owned by the wealthy who were later made capitalist/financiers by the government itself. Most likely, the owners of these companies are not related to the Global Financial Cult. However, regardless of the method of enrichment, the target still seems to be domestic and national capital. When people go on to the streets to riot, they will be driven against the local and national capital, as they have done in the past.

The popular uprisings planned to happen all around the world started in Sri Lanka. The protests of the people, who do not like the way the government is handling its struggle with the economic crisis, continue. Ministers resigned, martial law was declared, but public discontent continues to increase. The trade union has called for a one-day strike for 28 April. The strikes will drag both the state and the people to worse conditions which will prepare an environment suitable for the impositions of the Global Financial Cult.

Sri Lanka is just the beginning and many countries around the world will experience the same process. That’s the plan. As Turkey, we will probably get through the next summer period without a problem, but if the government does not take measures, similar events should be expected in Turkey in autumn or winter. Let’s hope a European country experiences these before us. The European example will reduce the severity in of civil uprisings in Turkey.

Many scenarios can be written about how the planned uprisings will turn out. Who knows what the Global Financial Cult has in mind? They will likely put the empty promise of “universal basic income” in front of angry crowds during the riots. With the revolts that will erupt, the idea of ​​”​​a country allocating regular cash allowances to all its citizens without any conditions” will encourage angry crowds to attack their own states and encourage to take decisions towards this direction. For this, some means of production will have to be nationalized. But such a scenario would not be as beneficial as you might think it will. The reason is that it will be followed by the imposition of internationally recognized electronic and crypto money to be recognized by the states. Thus, the power of the states to print money will be taken away completely and the states will be thrown out of the economic order. States are already heavily indebted to the Global Financial Cult. The United States, for example, owes more than $30 trillion. This will allow the debt mechanism and the control of electronic money to be completely transferred to the Global Financial Cult. Thus, properties that appear to have been nationalized will also be embezzled by the Global Financial Cult. The state will remain nothing but the police force of the Global Financial Cult. Let’s pay attention, today in Shanghai, using the power of the state, people are sentenced to death in their homes, for a ridiculous reason. This process loudly heralds the coming of the slavery process written in the protocols of Zion.

Of course, the events that are predicted in this paper will not happen swiftly. The artificially created global economic crisis will create a terrible wave of migration from south to north, from east to west. Peoples will mingle, nation states will be destroyed while national identities will be erased. In this way, the threat posed to the Global Financial Cult by the nation-state based on national identity will be eliminated.


The only way to prevent the slavery process is to start the work of dispossession from the top, not from the bottom. Mentioned previously, a handful of families hold the monopoly of generating money in the world. Central banks and banks generate the world’s money. The power to print money belongs to the central banks. For example, the Federal Reserve is owned by 8 families, not the state. A similar relationship is valid for many countries. Banks, on the other hand, can create a hundred times their deposits through lending. This is called bank money or fiat money. All banks, whether state-owned or privately owned, are linked to the global financial system, the Global Financial Cult, through syndicated loans. As a result, the authority to create money is completely under the monopoly of the Global Financial Cult. The Global Financial Cult, as it also did deliberately with the real estate crisis in the USA in 2008, by printing money through the financial crises it artificially creates, not only does it gain power to impose the regulations it wants on borrowing states, but also gets richer by putting the burden of the cost of money printed unrequitedly on the peoples. In short, the real estate crisis  of 2008,  was a trap planned to trigger inflation.

Unless the power to generate money is taken away from the Global Financial Cult, it will not be possible to get rid of the artificial economic crises that have shaped the world and to prevent the wars that are driving millions of people to death. As long as they have a monopoly of the power to generate money the Cult will put all leaders, regardless of whichever country, at their fingertips. Because politics is doomed to money. We call this democracy.

No man in the world, no matter how hard they work, can have the wealth at the magnitude that the Global Financial Cult owns. The wealth controlled by the Global Financial Cult has been acquired through robbing states and their peoples. Therefore, there is no hesitation in its nationalization. All central banks and banks in the world should be nationalized and the power to create money should be taken away from the Global Financial Cult. We are not saying kill the rich men and collapse all of their property. If one millionth of the wealth they rule were left for them to own, the amount of wealth would be enough for their seven dynasties to survive for a thousand years.  We want the surplus they use to rule the world with, the surplus that they don’t need and which they stole from us.

This proposal is an impossible dream to come true. The reason is that it would require all countries to go through this nationalization process simultaneously. However, the Zion Protocols, which were revealed 120 years ago, mentions, “Today, we are invincible as an international power, because if we are attacked by any state, we will be supported by other states.[9]” says. As it can be understood, the Global Financial Cult can rule out any move a state makes on it through providing one state a good opportunity and using the competition and rivalry between states in its favor. As can be seen in the last Ukraine-Russia war, even Switzerland, which has been neutral for hundreds of years, has put everything aside and joined the sanctions against Russia. All companies and states under the control of the Global Financial Cult are behind the sanctions imposed on Russia.

We have already mentioned that global multinational companies are under the control of the Global Financial Cult. So how come states are behaving in line with the instructions of the Global Financial Cult? We have already explained that states are under the debt trap. But there is another strong tie than the debt trap that binds states to the Global Financial Cult. Many states around the world are run by politicians who have some sort of emotional attachment to the Global Financial Cult. In most countries, people under crypto identities take over this function. Thanks to the Global Financial Cult the game of democracy, it removes one man from the seat and puts another in the vacant seat.

Anti-Semitism is not sensible.

No one should think that I am being anti-Semitic in this article. Above all players in the game, Jews are those who are the most tormented. A handful of wealthy and their collaborators, heretical clerics, have condemned innocent people to exile dozens of times by exploiting the faith of the Jewish people for their own interests. They were subjected to unimaginable tortures such as the Inquisition. They were humiliated for thousands of years. Moreover, it is the Global Financial Cult that filched the properties of the exiled and murdered Jews through liquidation.

The persecution of the Jews throughout history increases their commitment to the fallacy of them being a superior race. This commitment also creates a sense of revenge. The idea is that one day they will rule the world and avenge the injustice done to them. It is this feeling that makes them the bodyguards of the Global Financial Cult. This is the main reason for the organizational commitment between them. These people, who do not believe in the religion of God, but in the sharia written by the rabbis, do not realize that they too will be made slaves by expropriation due to the curtain that descends on their eyes.

The Jews now have their own state. They are not humiliated in any country. In fact, due to the victimization created by Hitler’s massacre, they gained immunity and now have taken a privileged position. In this age, no one can be humiliated or tortured because of their religious belief or ethnic identity. No one’s life or lifestyle is in danger anymore.

These cult members who think they are God cannot be allowed to enslave humanity. Our Jewish brothers and sisters must see that if the planned Great Reset takes place, they too will not be freed from slavery. We want to see the Jews with us in this struggle. We are all human; There is no such thing as a superior race. If the Jews were the superior race, Israel would have colonized Mars today. It is crucial that we all see that this war will make all of us servants. We must all rebel against the slavery imposed by financial capital.

Let’s call out to our crypto brothers from here. The Fetö-like mechanism you have created with the secret organization you have established among yourselves ensures that you are always in an advantageous position. You know us, we don’t know you. This mechanism always ensures that you are at the forefront of politics. But this organization of yours does not benefit anyone but you. The point in which you brought countries and hence the world is crystal clear. Stop thinking of yourself as Jewish man. Forget marrying among yourselves, join us.

Let’s finish by recalling a threat made by the leaders of Zion 120 years ago: “Death is an inevitable end for all. It is best to ensure that this end is closer than we are to those who are hindering us from doing our duty, those who are undermining it. When necessary, we will even execute Masons on grounds in which brotherhood does not protect them. If it’s necessary we will make it seem as if they passed away from ordinary illnesses and diseases but not as we have punished them by death. As long as they know this, even the fraternity will not dare to object”.[10]

Do not put your best behind. From now on, you should be afraid, not us. God gave us our lives for a purpose and we are not afraid to sacrifice it.

One day, we humans will rule this world, not a bunch of psychopaths who think they are God.

Here is your manifesto. Let’s see if it gets around as quickly and as much as The Communist Manifesto written in 1848.



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